PHOTO Pathetic Arsenal ‘Fans’ Plan To Display This Banner At Wembley

By on March 26, 2014

A supposed Arsenal ‘fan’ has revealed a 28ft banner he’s had made up that he plans to display at Wembley during our FA Cup semi-final against Wigan.

The banner, which is 28ft by 8ft, is a clear protest against manager Arsene Wenger, stating ‘EIE = Enough Is Enough’ and ‘ArsenalFC NOT ArseneFC’ as well as ‘WENGER OUT’.

Now I have no problem with fans who feel it’s time for a change of management at the club, they have a strong case to suggest the time has come for Arsene to leave.

However, to do this ‘protest’ at Wembley in the semi-final of the FA Cup is nothing short of pathetic and they will not only embarrass themselves, but Arsenal Football Club if they manage to get it into the ground.

Thankfully that’s unlikely, as Arsenal will be involved in stewarding the game and the stadium has a restriction on banner sizes, but I’m in disbelief that anyone who calls themselves an Arsenal fan would think this is a good idea.

Display it at the Emirates if you have to, even outside the stadium in the streets at Wembley, but to display it in the stands at a cup semi final is a disgrace. Do these people really think this is going to be a way of getting behind the team and helping the players reach the final?

Hate on Arsene, by all means, but leave it for another day. This is our big chance to finally end our trophy drought so ALL fans should be sticking together for the good of the club.

Maybe Arsene leaving in the summer is for the long-term good of the club, who knows, but protesting against the current manager needs to be saved for another time and place…..


  1. Ogbusu SKC

    March 27, 2014 at 3:20 pm

    If a bird learns to fly without perching, then the hunter should learn to shoot without aiming. A stubborn fly usually ends up in the casket of the dead. Extraordinary problems requires extraordinary solutions.

    If displaying the envisaged banner at Wembley will bring the required result, so be it. The result could be in the form of Wenger leaving or being forced to listen to the fans. It is obvious that Wenger hardly cares about the fans views. His refusal to do some obvious things both on and the field leaves me thinking that he has developed signs of pre-senile dementia. Did he forget our league position in early January this year? Did’nt he know that Ramsey was injured or that Walcott was ruled out for the season? Did Wenger not feel that Ozil was displaying the traits of diminishing marginal utility/returns? When will Wenger realize that Giroud is ,at best, a support striker? When will he ralise that you need tonnes of luck(which Arsenal is not associated with)to win titles with only a single lame duck opportunistic striker and only three central defenders? When will Wenger learn to do his transfer business early instead of his Kallstrom-esque escapades? Does’nt Wenger know about our injury record over the years ( of which he is the chief cause)?

    The players structure at Arsenal presently is nothing to be proud of. Wenger knows Arsenal more than I do but seems to be happy to let things glide by. I support his leaving at the end of the season IF he refuses to do the right things for the fans. He should check his record pre 500 games and between 500 – 1000 games. Want to tell me about the tight budget? Ask Birmingham, Wigan and Swansea et al what their budgets were when they won titles during the aforementioned period.

    • RezeAFC

      March 27, 2014 at 10:57 pm

      Brilliant piece!! Really I love Wenger too but he seems to have lost the plot. #COYG

  2. Goonermay68

    March 28, 2014 at 12:04 am

    THE ONLY PATHETIC THING IS YOUR ARTICLE YOU MUG, how old are you? Mac14? 500 games 11 trophies. Since. 500 more games Zilch! More injuries every year than any other top team? Cannot be bad luck !its the way the senile one trains them.ive followed Arsenal home and away for over 50 yrs so not just good times bad as well.No more chances.Wengers the embarrassment every time he opens his mouth. His tactics are virtually the same for every game Wenger is well past his sell by date.

  3. Mandz AFC

    March 30, 2014 at 12:22 pm

    It’s obvious that it’s only you that disagree with fans having a say on the club or a voice that might at some point be of cry of desperation, I think your article should be mor on how brave this Arsenal Fan is as he will get some stick and punishment from such as your self the unrealistic Arsenal fans, that may think Mr Wenger might need one more season to set things straight, I been saying it and I’ll say in this post if you see 4th spot in the league as equal as a trophy for 9 straight years, then there’s something obviously wrong with you.

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