Arsenal To Make ‘Announcement’ At ‘Special’ Press Conference On Monday

By on January 23, 2014

Some interesting news has surfaced online this morning with Arsenal sending out an email to reveal they will be making an announcement at a ‘special media press conference’ on Monday.

With fans desperate for new signings, obviously this news has set tongues wagging on social media sites like Twitter with supporters speculating as to what this announcement is regarding. A big-money signing perhaps?

However, while I hate to be the bearer of bad news, it would be a very unusual step for the club to call a press conference four days in advance to reveal a new signing.

It’s far more likely this press conference is linked to either A) Arsene Wenger’s new contract, or B) the new Puma sponsorship deal.

So far, the majority believe it’s the Puma deal, which we’ve all known about for months, so if that turns out to be the case it’s going to be something of an anti-climax.

What do you think this conference is to announce? Here are some tweets on the matter: