Wenger On Transfers, Suarez Bid And Lets Slip A Fabregas Approach?

By on August 5, 2013

It was a disappointing end to the Emirates Cup for Arsenal with a familiar foe coming back to haunt us once again as Didier Drogba came off the bench to score both goals to give Galatasaray a 2-1 win, which looked highly unlikely before the powerful Ivorian was introduced.

After the match, Arsene Wenger was quizzed on a variety of topics but predictably possible signings was high on the agenda. With a vital Champions League qualifier just over two weeks away, worryingly the boss hinted it’s unlikely we’ll have any new additions on board in time to take part.

Here’s what he told Arsenal.com:

on getting players in before the European tie…

Let’s count first on what is here, and if we can add something then we will do. It’s very difficult to predict that that will all be sorted out before we play in the Champions League qualifier. I think we have enough quality to achieve it with the players we have at the moment, if we can bring more in before that it is even better.

As I understand it, we’d have to have a player signed and registered by the 13th August for them to be available to play in the qualifiers, which gives us just over a week to get new player in, so judging by how long it’s taken us so far to conduct our transfer business I think we’ll be going into the Champions League double-header with the squad we have.

Real Sociedad are the ones we really want to avoid in Friday’s draw. Would you be putting an Arsenal win on your football coupon if we don’t have any new signings on board? The Spaniard’s are a dangerous side so I’m not sure I’d be putting my mortgage on it, that’s for sure!

One player who we’re certinly interested in and who’s desperate to play Champions League football is Liverpool’s Luis Suarez and Wenger was asked for an update on our bid to bring him to the Emirates. Typically, the boss gave little away but did confirm he and the club are trying to act properly during negotiations.

on Arsenal’s approach to Suarez…

We try [to act properly], we always try to act properly. But the transfer is always an agreement between three parties. We have always done that.

So Arsene insists we’re trying to do things by the book but Brendan Rodgers has been quoted today as saying Arsenal have lacked their usual class in trying to sign Suarez. The Merseysiders have continually talked openly about our interest, how much we’ve bid, etc, in the press for weeks while Arsene barely utters a word, and we’re the ones lacking in class?! Rodgers really is deluded isn’t he?

We’ll see how this plays out but it looks like it could get messy and is likely to drag out right until the end of the window, so it’s highly unlikely we’ll be counting on Suarez to help us reach the Champions League group stages.

The final quote from Arsene that caught my eye was his comments regarding Cesc Fabregas. Barcelona boss Tita Martino was quoted over the weekend as saying it was up to Fabregas if he wanted to leave this summer and when asked about this, Wenger once again said that he’d ‘been told’ Cesc has decided to stay at least one more year at the Nou Camp.

on Cesc Fabregas…

I haven’t heard that comment [that it is reportedly up to Fabregas if he leaves Barcelona]. I haven’t read it so I’m always a bit cautious to answer what a manager is supposed to have said. I don’t know. What I know is that Fabregas will stay one more year at least in Barcelona, that’s the information I have. If that changes, I don’t know, but I have been told that. Wenger told Arsenal.com

What exactly did he mean by ‘been told’? Does this imply he’s made an enquiry about Cesc’s plans? Probably. So while the media bang on about Manchester United’s interest, Arsene has quietly gone about his business to see whether Fabregas will be leaving Barca this summer, and he most likely got the answer straight from the players mouth as they are believed to keep in regular contact.

I’ve got no doubt Wenger would jump at the chance to re-sign Fabregas and if the midfielder wanted out, we’d be ready and waiting to activate his buy-back clause. Perhaps this is why we haven’t brought in a new midfielder yet this summer, as we’re waiting to see what happens with Fabregas?

Who knows, but it’s a huge week for AFC which culminates in a vital Champions League draw. Lets hope luck is on our side….


  1. 'dayo kalejaiye

    August 5, 2013 at 11:50 am

    I feel sorry for Arsenal fans,Suarez or any other macquee signings the only trophy remaining for this deluded man to win is top four! He has not learn from his mistakes what a bad way to repay fans that paid much to watch matches.He ‘ll leave AFC in shambolic form soon.

    • sid

      August 5, 2013 at 12:26 pm

      You don’t have to feel sorry for Arsenal fans, It’s great to watch the boys every week competing in the Champions League we had 15 mins last year when we could have knocked out the future winners.
      And you seem another who believe the media hype that top 4 is a trophy remember last year we were third in front of big spending chelsea and the want a new stadium Spuds.
      And we don’t have the most expensive season tickets per game because the price includes cup games where other teams don’t.

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