Theo Walcott Headbutted Tottenham’s Aaron Lennon In A Las Vegas Nightclub?

By on June 27, 2013

It was an interesting night for those who were on Twitter last night with rumours spreading like wide-fire claiming that Arsenal’s Theo Walcott HEADBUTTED Tottenham winger Aaron Lennon in a Las Vegas nightclub earlier this month.

It all stems from a screenshot that someone posted of what appears to be a conversation with his friend who claims his cousin witnessed the altercation, which it was later revealed happened in Las Vegas nightclub, Hakkasan.

Most will know that Theo was out in Vegas a couple of weeks ago on his stag do while Lennon also confirmed he was in Sin City around that time as well. According to a few ‘sources’ on Twitter, Lennon was acting like a ‘mug’ telling people he was England’s No.7, hanging his England shirt from his cabana and even got the Hakkasan nightclub to do this:

It’s quite possible Theo bumped into Lennon in the club and with both likely to be drunk, an altercation would easily have ensued – especially given the pair play for rival teams and also fight for the same spot in the England team.

However, it’s extremely difficult to see Theo headbutting someone. He’s hardly the aggressive type but I suppose if you’re going to but somebody, who better than Aaron Lennon? He’s a horrible little man so while this is most likely just a rumour invented by some bored losers on Twitter, I personally pray to god it’s true! Theo would deserve another pay rise if it is, that’s for sure.